A Chocolate Tour of New York

How many times have you dreamed of eating and drinking your weigh in chocolate? Just think of chocolate as that sweet, creamy, smooth, rich, and yes, American taste. Do you like it white? Dark? Sweet? Semi-sweet? Bittersweet? Unsweetened? Milky? With caramel and tons of nuts? Melted on a velvety scoop of ice cream? On your favorite crunchy pretzels? If your mouth is watering by now, you should take my Chocolate Tour of New York.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The opening of a new restaurant is one of the happenings you don’t want to miss in the city. That’s why last night I decided to have dinner in the brand new Craftsteak restaurant that chef Tom Colicchio opened in the meatpacking district. Two things that intrigued me right away: not only that the chef chose the trendiest neighborhood, chock full of hip restaurants, but he had some guts to actually place his new venue across from Morimoto and right next door to Del Posto , Mario Batali’s newest restaurant. One thing's for sure: Colicchio doesn't fear fierce competition.
I decided to go there with no expectations. The truth is that I was overly impressed by the whole experience. The place is immense, almost trying to intimidate with its grandiosity. The designer though did a great job on picking the right colors, very comfortable furniture (from the red fancy chairs in the lounge to the elegant earthy leather couches in the dining room), and nonetheless the poignant bottles glass display that separates the lounge from the dining room. The funny thing about having a drink at the bar before dinner is that you’ll get to see the chef Colicchio having drinks with Lee Anne Wong
, one of the Top Chef participants. (for some of you who are not familiar with the mentioned TV show, Tom Colicchio is one of the judges).

Back to nos moutons, let me tell you how the Chocolate Tart With Milk Chocolate Ganache and Caramel Ice Cream was. I’ll start with the bottom and sides of the tart which were very crispy and chocolaty. It had the texture of a flourless cake, only crispier. Well, this thing was topped with a rich paste of chocolate, made of semisweet chocolate and cream, called ganache. Not only that the consistency will seduce you on the spot, but the velvety consistency and its sweetness are brought up by a touch of salt. You have to try it, believe me. Have I mentioned the caramel ice cream yet? Mmm, you’re going to love it. If I were you I’d make a reservation right away.


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