A Chocolate Tour of New York

How many times have you dreamed of eating and drinking your weigh in chocolate? Just think of chocolate as that sweet, creamy, smooth, rich, and yes, American taste. Do you like it white? Dark? Sweet? Semi-sweet? Bittersweet? Unsweetened? Milky? With caramel and tons of nuts? Melted on a velvety scoop of ice cream? On your favorite crunchy pretzels? If your mouth is watering by now, you should take my Chocolate Tour of New York.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

The best place to start if you're a chocoholic

It’s not just the flavors, the mouth watering ingredients, the whimsical shapes, or the insanely good taste. It’s all about diversity when we talk about Jacques Torres. This famous French Chocolatier showed to the entire world that his talent and dedication are borderless. After making a career in France, Mr. Chocolate (as he entitles himself) was petitioned to come to the US in 1988. He successfully served presidents, kings, celebrities, entertained people with his TV shows, and finally opened his own chocolate factory in New York in December 2000. Both the Brooklyn location and the Manhattan one are two spots impossible to miss if you’re a chocolate lover.

The moment I opened the door of his Haven store in the West Village I was hit by a divine aroma of hot chocolate. My diet guardian angels couldn’t stop me anymore. I HAD to try all those sweets surrounding me. My eyes got bigger and bigger, my senses were gone wild, and that wide smile on my face made me feel like a (big) kid in a candy store. Oh, wait! I WAS a big kid in a candy store. It actually felt like the first time when my mom took me to the cotton candy feast in my home town. And it felt even better when I went closer to the assorted chocolates counter. Hypnotized, I mumbled: I’ll have one of each. That would have meant all the chocolate a normal human being eats in about six months. The guy behind the counter glanced at me, smiled, and suggested the best selection: liquid caramel, European peanut butter, chocolate mint tea, champagne truffles, and heavenly hazelnut. I had two of each. He also fed me a Love Potion #9. I don’t know if it was the potion or not, but I fell in love on the spot. On my way out I picked up a box of milk chocolate covered pretzels, and a box of hot chocolate. I knew I was going to be back soon.

Jacques Torres should be a magician. His velvety, rich chocolate has that European flair that you can only find in a box of French delicacies.

~Piment et Chocolat


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous nina said...

I love the story...and it made me love the chocolate more!!!!!

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great story!!!! Great chocolate....


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