A Chocolate Tour of New York

How many times have you dreamed of eating and drinking your weigh in chocolate? Just think of chocolate as that sweet, creamy, smooth, rich, and yes, American taste. Do you like it white? Dark? Sweet? Semi-sweet? Bittersweet? Unsweetened? Milky? With caramel and tons of nuts? Melted on a velvety scoop of ice cream? On your favorite crunchy pretzels? If your mouth is watering by now, you should take my Chocolate Tour of New York.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The ultimate in chocolate indulgence

Last night, the monthly union of Moon and Mars packed in me a wallop of desire for a White Chocolate Martini. What’s the best place to get one? Easy answer: Pravda. Located on the edge of Soho, this underground lounge is the witness of countless amazing nights. I just love its intimate Soviet-chic ambiance, insanely good food, and nonetheless great cocktails. Apparently I’m not the only one who’d rather spend the night at Pravda instead of the glamorous APT for instance. Last night I landed in the middle of an author event. Gary Shteyngart launched his new novel Absurdistan in a blissful atmosphere, surrounded by the press and friends. At the end of his speech, he invited everyone to experience the unique, smooth Pravda vodka. I immediately took his advice and ordered a devastating White Chocolate Martini.

Also called Love Potion No. 3 by the connoisseurs, Pravda’s White Chocolate Martini has a unique taste and an exceptional flavor. The bartender dipped the rim of the martini glass into maraschino cherry juice, shook off excess, and dipped it into cocoa powder. Then, he combined the above-mentioned vodka, white chocolate Godiva liqueur, crème de cocoa, and crème de banana in a shaker. At that point, he just became my favorite bartender. He poured the magic potion into my glass, and added a strawberry on its rim. Needles to say I was anxious to taste the tempting mixture. It was mesmerizing. Cheers!

~Piment et Chocolat


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous nina said...

Yesssss...Pravda is the best !!!!!! Great foo , great people , great cocktails!!!!!


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